Rivers Jordan decorates the front of his store, the Rivers of Shashamani, with flags every morning.
 Jordan makes smoking ganja a group event by inviting friends to come by for conversation and a smoke.
 Rivers Jordan holds court outside of his store as he gives advice to all that pass by. Everyone can expect a life story and a fist bump as they walk by and are told to "do good today". 
 Jordan cooks jerk chicken on a grill outside of his store in preparation for customers that come by hungry. Many friends came to the store as the smell of the delicious chicken wafted down the street. 
 Jordan gives a young man advice and ends his conversation with a fist bump and a promise from the man that he will do right by his girl. 
 Before facing the world and opening his store, Rivers Jordan puts his long dreadlocks into a hat as he claims that none of his friends have seen his hair. 
 As a Rastafarian, Rivers Jordan is loyal to the former emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie. Jordan keeps a portrait of the emperor in his pocket at all times to remind him to be a humanitarian and help others. 
 Every Sunday, Jordan teachers a spiritual learning class at his store where many come to learn about the Bible. They start off with and end each class with a prayer. 
 Each person that comes into the store and converses with Jordan is given a takeout container of food that he has cooked earlier that day. Today it is mango and chicken curry with basmati rice and a side salad. 
 Friends of Jordan start an impromptu dance party in the middle of the store as reggae music is blasted over the speakers. 
 When he first came to Syracuse three years ago, there were drug dealers and addicts roaming the Northside near Jordan's store. He gets emotional as he speaks about how he worked to clean up the streets and is still working on his mission to make the world a better place. 
 Although he runs the store by himself and doesn't have any biological family nearby, Rivers Jordan is never lonely as his days are filled with good conversation and friends. The whole community is filled with his "brothers" and "sisters" and they all watch out for each other. 
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